Other Qualifications

- The family must "family fit" the home they are applying for. Two to four people may occupy a two-bedroom home and three to six may occupy a three-bedroom home.  We do not have any homes for families larger than six or smaller than two.

-  Applicants are required at the time of application to provide birth certificates and social security cards of all family members, picture ID of all adults in the household, proof of all household income of any kind, and if applicable, a copy of separation papers, divorce papers or child custody papers.

-  All adult applicants must undergo a criminal background screening before admittance.  Certain criminal histories require a period of time to have passed before admittance.  Persons with the following on their criminal histories will not be admitted:

-  first or second degree murder or attempts of either;
-  crimes involving kidnapping, imprisonment or other illegal                                          detention of another;
-  the illegal manufacture, sale, distsribution, use or possession with                              intent to manufacture, sell, distibute or use of a
            controlled substance, including, but not limited to, methamphetamine;
-  crimes requiring registration as a sexual offender in any state;
-  any crime involving arson or arson related charges;
-  any crime involving impersonation and/or identity theft;
-  crimes involving willful or negligent destruction of property; or
-  felony crimes involving violence.

Moving Tips:
- Decide whether you want to use a professional mover or move yourself;
- Make sure all your furniture will fit in your new home;
- You may want to have a yard sale before you move to reduce the                              clutter and make the move easier;
- Write a list of who needs to know your new address and phone number
Credit Cards

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